A total beginner question about spice simulation

I drew a simple circuit through a couple of resistors and a switch. All good. on the top of the wire there is a red box showing the voltage after the resistor
This is great, however I want to add another one showing current

I dont know the name of this red flag / info box? so that I can look in the manual

Im using version 8 and I looked in the manual but could not find anything

What do you call the this " output display?" and how can I add one for current ( and for that matter place another voltage one after a component

Sorry for the question
I hope someone can understand what im asking

Thanks for the help

Kind Regards Stephen

This might help . . .


Hi there RaptorUk

yes, I had watched those videos thank you

however the "output? " one is dark red for voltage and the other is light red for current

how do I add more of these at differing points in me circuit

It seems like they are added "automatically "

The circuit is a simple 12v source 2 pole switch, a fuse, and a "bulb " ( modelled as a resisitor ) and grnd,

The sim runs ok, I just would like to know voltages after the lamp and currents through switches

Simple calculation, just would be nice to have these output flags

Thank you for your swift response !

Hope all is well in blighty, Im a london lad meself !

Kind regards

You have more experience with simulation than I do then :wink: I’m sure someone with more knowledge will be along soon to help.

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Thank you
Yup just watched them again to make sure I hadnt missed anything

Tried adding a probe but it would let me, tried adding .probe p(RF1) but no avail

Im just guessing

Thanks for the help though I appreciate it !


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Sounds like you’re looking for the DC operating point (.OP) mode, which gives you the DC values for various nets on the schematic itself.

Some of the same content from the videos, but in text format for quick reference:

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Placement of current and voltage flags is fully automated and cannot be changed by the user.

You may influence it a bit, by zoomimg the circuit diagram.

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Hi there
Yes it looks that way
what I wanted to do was from my nglist? ( below ) Have the current show at the resistor ( I(r55w1): -3.83989A) I mean its there but it would have been nice to show

Thank ou for your help

Note: Compatibility modes selected: hs a
Circuit: KiCad schematic
Doing analysis at TEMP = 27.000000 and TNOM = 27.000000
Reference value : 0.00000e+00
No. of Data Rows : 1

Simulation results:

I(v1): -3.83989A
I(r55w1): -3.83989A
I(r25w1): 0A
I(rf2): 0A
I(rsw1): -3.83989A
I(rf1): 3.83989A
P(rf1): 7.37238W
V(net-sw1-a): 11.9808V
P(rsw1): 73.7238mW
V(net-sw1-c): 0V
P(rf2): 0W
P(r25w1): 0W
V(net-25w1-+): 0V
V(net-55w1-+): 10.0609V
V(net-sw1-b): 12V
P(v1): -46.0787W
P(r55w1): 38.6326W

Yes it was the Dc operation point Thanks for the manual I had read that but I wasnt sure if I was in the right area or what I was looking for ( flag name )

Thank ou for our help