3D viewer "Home view" hotkeys (previously also "Reset View")

Presently, there is a commit which removes the duplicate “Reset View” command from the 7.99 Nightly 3D viewer. The hotkey ‘R’ which has existed before has been removed, and only the hotkey “Home” is default.

In the previous discussion linked below, it has been mentioned that Home does not work on some instances (could be related to build or packaging or window manager / OS) and thus the ‘R’ has been a duplicate.

My suggestion would be to set Home as default hotkey and R as alternate hotkey, and thus keep the same functionality as before for all users.

What do you prefer?
Do you want both Home and R hotkeys like me, or do you see any benefit in loosing the R hotkey and only having Home, which reportedly does not work on some systems?

(I kind of feel that I have to apologize for asking the question and making the bug report in gitlab as seen in the previous topic. I hoped to improve the software, but now we have instead lost a hotkey and caused trouble for some users who needed it or were used to it. I hope we can still fix it somehow…)

Previous topic:

My Two-Cents…

I have a dozen Keyboards - some have:
• Function-Key (Fn)
• Function-Keys’s F1, F2…
• No Function Key or F1, F2… at all
• Home key
• No Home key at all
• One (a Mini-Keyboard) has No Function-Key, No F1, F2… or Arrows

But, All have the ‘R’ key! So, I disagree with Setting the Home as default (if keyboard doesn’t have it, that would be a problem requiring user to manually set a custom key)

I say, stick with current.

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Thank’s for the reply!

I hoped that the topic would be a little bit like an opinion poll, so maybe the “Solution” could be removed as I think it might deter more people from also answering?
Or is there a way to do a real poll in the forum? Some forums have such a function, but I have never seen one here?

Don’t forget, any hotkey can be removed, added or changed according to the users wishes. Hotkeys are not carved in stone. :smiley:

Click on the “bumpy” wheel when creating a new thread then follow your nose.
I think anyone from Basic level upwards can create a poll.
This was the last poll conducted on Kicad and you posted on it, or at least someone using your ID posted, if you wish to plead “not guilty”.:rofl:

I’ve probably just forgotten…

Yes, hotkeys are user configurable, but for a new user, or not-so-experienced user of this particular software, it is most likely in almost all cases preferrable that there is a sensible default setup of hotkeys rather than the user having to do a lot of tweaking from the start (steepness of the learning curve…).
And I would strongly prefer that the already established hotkeys would not change unless there is a really good reason for it. Thus the lost R in this case bothers me, and it feels like I should not have started poking in this issue of duplicate commands in the first place, if this is to be the outcome…

Look on the bright side @hmk,
Now there is an extra key awaiting assignment for the multitude of functions without hotkeys. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, one will need to try to find a bright side in everything…
I just have the experience that users who are not developers or programmers but actually work using the software as a tool, like continuity and dislike when things change or they have to put in an effort and their time in order to figure out what they have to do to get back what worked “yesterday”.

Well, well…