3D Model Requests

I have some 3D model requests to ask of the community. The first one is for the Maker Space and should help KiCad grow.

First one is a Keystone 3034 coin cell holder:
Digikey Keystone 3034

This is what it looks like, screen grab from DigiKey:

Here is the current KiCad 3D model:

This is the one 3D model that would really help me out the most, as I use a lot of them, and they are missing on all of my KiCad 3D views.
Digikey HDSM-281B

HDSM-281B DataSheet

There isn’t a good selection of 3D models for SMD thin tactile switches. I’m using this one:
Digikey Omron B3SE

Omron B3SE Tactile Switch

The above is the least important to me; there is no requirement by me for it to be anything other than a small square box with a raised round button.

Last is the Footprint and 3D model for the relay Omron G5LE relay.

G5LE-14 @ Digikey

The Footprint appears to be correct, but there is no 3D model for the Footprint. This is a common relay made by different manufactures, with very small differences in housing size.

I’ve got no worries if these 3D parts are not created by someone else volunteering their time. I just thought that these would not only help me out, but also the rest of the KiCad community.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Hi there,
Have you had a look in

https://www.3dcontentcentral.com/ ?

They have a very large collection of 3d models.


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Grabcad may also have something, e.g. https://grabcad.com/library?page=1&time=all_time&sort=recent&query=segment.

But it would of course be nice to have more models in KiCad’s own library.

If you want just a rough outline, most parts can be represented with one or two shapes, boxes and cylinders. Just like the pushbutton you described. It’s easy to create with FreeCAD’s Part workbench. I just haven’t (yet) found an easy way to center the created shapes or move them graphically; it’s tedious to calculate offsets. Otherwise most such models would take a couple of minutes to create.

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The part workbench is not really a good workbench to use for something like this. Use the part design workbench. https://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/Basic_Part_Design_Tutorial_017 (If you need to manually calculate something then you use the wrong tool.)

It would just be so easy to create boxes and cylinders with the Part WB because their dimension are known and easily edited. I just miss an easy way to change their relative location. Mostly you would like to have the coordinate zero in the geometric center point (in a plane) but I haven’t found an easy way to move the parts like that. A basic operation IMO no matter what the workbench.

It’s just as easy to create boxes and cylinders with sketches and pad operations from parts design wb.
If only I could figure out a proper way to make separate bodies that attach to each other…

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You can use aligner tools … recently I’ve added this feature to Manipulator WB


What do you mean with that?

Aligner tools from Manipulator WB can help in align objects, Bodies and Parts to each others faces, edges, points.

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For aligning imported stuff yes of course. If you need that for a self made model then your design methodology might not be exactly correct.

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You can but problem is whenever you try to do anything with the sketch it pulls in all the underlying shapes from the other body instead of just doing the operation as if it was unattached new sketch.

Who is we in this case? :slight_smile: If you mean librarians, don’t worry, I’ll send PR with all the files a bit later.

users who want to learn :wink:
BTW if you link the cloned sketch with expressions to the body Placement parameters, the clone will follow also Body placement :smiley:

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7SEGMENT-LED_HDSM281B_HDSM283B_SMD.step (340.8 KB)
Avago_7segment_display_HDSM-281B.FCStd (317.5 KB)


Now we just need a version for each possible display character showing … :scream::scream::wink:


But what about e.g. OLED displays? We really need every possible pixel combination. Maybe 3D models should be programmable.


I want mine to scroll. :wink:


Think about the possibilities if this would be combined to ngspice modeling. When the component reaches its limits it pushes out smoke.

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Don’t forget different models for the different colors available… :wink:

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