3D Model Requests

Hey, if EveryCircuit can do this, why can’t KiCad? I mean, because they do the same thing, they should be the same program… Right?

(Ok… maybe not.) :rofl:

Most SPICE models don’t include voltage breakdown or package thermal behaviour so no smoke.

Relay_SPDT_Omron-G5LE-1.wrl (39.4 KB)
Relay_SPDT_Omron-G5LE-1.step (96.0 KB)
Omron_STDP_relay_G5LE-1.FCStd (92.6 KB)


@qu1ck These are AMAZING additions to my KiCad Project.

Thank you for spending the time to help me out.
I hope that this earns you a few more karma points!

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What model? What do you mean by “get to” - “how to find and download” or “how to make such model”?

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