34 Simulation Examples for KiCad 8.0 Using Ngspice

After watching a presentation by Holger Vogt in a Youtube video FOSDEM 2024 - ngspice circuit simulator stand alone and embedded into kicad, I located the source of the examples in a forum post More simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice.

To make it easier to play with the examples (and update/maintain them), I have migrated the examples from the forum post (extracted 7z archives and documentation) to this GitHub repository: https://github.com/labtroll/KiCad-Simulations

To run any of the 34 simulation examples, simply clone, fork or download the repository and open any of the contained *.kicad_pro or '*.kicad_schfiles and from theSchematic Editor: Inspect>Simulator>Run` (green triangle).

Disclaimer I have not verified the simulation examples, and they are supplied as-is, but feel free to propose changes/additions by creating issues and/or pull requests.


I tried the IBIS simulation feature and compared it to what I am used to from the commercial simulators - let me know if you have any comments and/or can help with some of the things I did not figure out how to do: Free IBIS Simulator: KiCAD 8? - EE-Training

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