Zone/trace keep out from edge-cuts


The only way i have been able to get zones away from edge-cuts is by increasing line-with of edge-cuts.

This is ofcourse not good.

adjusting the clearance of the zone will adjust all clearences not only to edge-cut

this setting should acutally be under: design-rules, edge keep-keep-out

or ?
is there a good way to do this ?

Welcome to the club - been there about 12 20 months ago - been told it’s OK as it is.

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well its not OK as it is.

Lets fight :slight_smile:

fight for a change that is…

I don’t have time to program on yet another project, so yeah, feel free. The bugtracker links should give you something to work with I guess as someone even posted a first band-aid solution - no idea how that one holds up for the remainder of the code though :wink:

It looks like a bug to me. All I can do right now is to tell I’m affected by this bug and suscribe to the bug report to increase its visibility.