Zone not filled

This is probably quite a newbie question, but I do not manage to fill the two zones in the attached project (no not attached, I am not allowed, a picture instead). I cannot figure out why they do not get filled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I do not really “understand” your picture but when I have trouble with “no filling” it is mostly caused by:

  1. I did not configure the correct net in the zones properties
  2. The zone must INCLUDE a reference point (or middle ?) of its defining net (track end, pad) it is not sufficient to simply touch tracks or others

This might be of help How to create a power plane (using zones)

Apparently you have created two zones.
KiCad however does not indiscriminately put copper in such areas anywere it can.
KiCad only puts copper in zones it that part is connected to the actual net.
Your screenshot is a bit unclear, but it looks like you’ve drawn some items on it that prevent the zones from reaching the pads, and when the zones can not reach any pad, via or exposed copper track, they do not fill.

Thanks all for the answers, I found the issue, in that I needed to change my pads (all seen F.Cu and B.Cu shaps) to have “Connection to copper zones” set to “Solid” in my footprints. If anyone can point to some guide on how these different footprint settings affect how the footprint behave, that would be a great read. Thanks.

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