wxParseCommmonDialogsF Assertion problem


Hello I’ve just installed Kicad from the Debian Strectch-Backports, for one of the users at my workplace. It keeps getting these messages:

I believe the problem to be the wxWidgets libraries installed in the system. But I don’t know how to fix it. I’d imagine that the correct way would be to recompile the source code in the platform that will be used. However, I would like to see if there is any way around this.


(the above is a link to a faq post. Click on it to read all of it or press somewhere on the top right corner to expand it here.)


I am having a very similar same problem here, but with Debian Testing (Buster) and only when starting PcbNew. (Maybe other parts too, but the KiCad “program chooser” and EEschem seem unaffected)
Did a search and found more similar reports.
I did not report it here because it seemed to more related to wxwidgets, than to KiCad.
Your error message is different though, but still, maybe solved by the same workaround.


In the link above, a (temporary) workaround seems to be to:

It seems to be realted to latest version of python-wxgtk3.0.
When I downgrade this package to (from buster) pcbnew
starts working again.


Thanks for the info, but I need to reinstall that machine and install Centos. So my problem now is moot. If I have another problem with the Kicad in that machine I will write again.


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