Windows Testing is now tagged 5.1.12, 5.1.11 skipped

Your last chance to test “Testing” before 5.1.11 comes out


Apparently there either wasn’t enough time to test the last changes before 5.1.11 or people don’t test the 5.1 branch daily testing packages, because a bug in a bugfix crept in and 5.1.11 had to be cancelled. Instead, 5.1.12 is already for example in the stable release directory It hasn’t been announced yet.

@eelik Are you saying that the “bug in a bugfix” has been corrected in the latest 5.1.12 download and needs testing (what should be tested?) or that the bug is scheduled to be corrected at a later date?

With version 6 close to release, I can see where most “testers” would be concentrating their efforts on that as opposed to an update to version 5.1, just my opinion. I have been using version 5.0.2 for my very unsophisticated PCB’s and only briefly tried a 5.1.x version.

5.1.12 will be published instead of 5.1.11 because that bug had to be fixed.

EDIT: more details can be seen in the latest commits,

I am running what will be 5.1.12 on a couple of PCs and will get my staff to update to it. I am playing with 5.99 but will wait for 6.0 release before I dare risk it in the office, too many bug fixes with consequences as the developers rush to get 6.0 rc1 out. I monitor the commits every day.

Actually, I personally consider 5.99 less buggy than 5.1. We put almost no mindshare on 5.1. You simply don’t see the bugs fixed there very much because nobody is working on it at all.

Have to agree. I switched to 5.99 a few weeks ago and haven’t had any major issues. Did find one bug on the last nightly but it was fixed within a few hours after raising a issue.

Heads up on a dead link:
Page where the link can be found:

I think that they are anticipating where it will be. You can find 5.1.12 builds in “Previous Releases”

Another link that’s not quite right (sorry):
On this page
The link that should be pointing to the 5.1.11 Milestone instead points to the 5.1.10 one.
The correct url for the 5.1.11 milestone would be:

That’s a strange error indeed. I can’t see the logic how gitlab doesn’t use the milestone name in the link but redirects to a wrong milestone instead.

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