Why one should make a new topic instead of reviving a very old one

Please open new topics instead of continuing very old ones. Now the readers are lured to reading outdated information from 33 posts before reaching your question.

Note by moderator: The topic this was an answer to got split from its original discussion so it did no longer make sense to keep that one as an answer to the freshly split topic.

I know I did just that, scratching my head why scrolling down.

The worrying thing is I don’t remember writing those posts, and it was only 2 years ago!

I am slowly coming to understand why people approach things with the wrong mindset though, I find the psychology of it quite fascinating, but very off-topic for this forum :slight_smile:

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Even more worrying is that even when I dimly remember writing something when I read it 1 year after, I don’t understand at all anymore what I wrote.

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The worrying thing, and not just for this forum, is I sometimes get as search results posts on the Usenet (long ago) or Internet (after that) and I think, that’s interesting, I didn’t know that! Or worse, what a load of rubbish! That’s when I notice from the headers that I wrote that post. :astonished:

But yeah you were right to split off that thread.


Thank you eelik for your answer. It was my bad. I mistakenly thought it would generally be better to have “all about pin headers” collected in one topic and not divide every possible pin header question variant in a new topic. I respect your argument about old threads which I didn’t consider enough. Anyway I’m very glad I found KiCad and appreciate the very active forum with great help and ideas.


Hi, eelik
I could have designed something a month ago, and it works nicely, but today I cannot understand the design any more than if someone else had done it. :disappointed: Exaggerating a little but I really forget pretty quickly.

It can be really embarrassing when you wind up arguing with yourself and losing.


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