Why not possible to import netlist

1] Why not possible to import netlist from other packages? like protel, P-CAD etc.
2] We are trying to import DXF file but kicad software automatically closes
how to import DXF file from other packages

Because nobody implemented it. But look around there might be external tools out there that can convert from your tool to kicad.

Seems like it crashes. What kicad version are you using? How did you generate the DXF file?

Autodesk originally didn’t publish the DXF standard and has changed it multiple times over the years. The lowest common denominator that seems to work most of the time is R12.

Thank you very much
we are using kicad version 5.0.1-3 and we had exported DXF file from diptrace software and trying to import that DXF file into kicad
there is also option in import DXF in kicad but unable to proceed
how to solve this issue

Well that version is quite outdated already. You might consider updating to 5.1.4 (the 5.0 branch is no longer maintained -> even if this is a bug it will not be fixed on that branch.)

As @Rene_Poschl suggested, updating to a more current version of KiCad might help. You do not specify what format the DXF file from DipTrace is being saved as. As I said previously, Autocad have changed the format multiple times - the current version is 19 and some features will only work within Autodesk products. Although DXF is an “exchange” format, it is not always readable by other applications. Generally saving as DXF version 12 format (if supported by DipTrace) is likely to be most successful. Otherwise, open it in another suitable graphics application - perhaps an Autodesk one and save it out as the older R12 format.

Tldr; not all DXF files are equal.

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