Unable to import eagle pcb/ project

We are trying to import eagle pcb in to kicad
file - import - Eagle CAD- .brd file - open
then kicad software shut off
how to import eagle pcb or project in to kicad?

What is your kicad version?
In what version of eagle was the eagle project made?
What is the kicad error message?
Do you use the import from the kicad main window or from some other place?

Do you mean that KiCad exits abruptly, i.e. crashes? That would be a serious bug and should not happen under any circumstances. Give the information Rene asked, especially version information from Help->About->Copy Version Info. If it happens with the latest version (5.1.4), the developers will be interested in fixing the bug. In that case it would help if you could give the Eagle file.

Eagle import in KiCad is relatively new feature and is enhanced between bugfix releases. Therefore you should use the latest version, at the moment 5.1.4.

From another post by the same author.

Definitely need to upgrade to a current version.

Definitely. Eagle import has probably got dozens of enhancements and fixes since then.

Yes correct,
KiCad exits abruptly, i.e. crashes
we are using kicad version 5.0.1-3

Upgrade! 5.0 is no longer maintained.

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