Where do i find models for ngspice?

Managed to get the simulator to output graphs, but it seems i need libfiles for ngspice to simulate componets.
Where can these be found?

KiCad/ngspice do not provide models, due to license restrictions and lack of maintainers, so Google is your friend (spice models). Generally PSPICE, HSPICE and (many) LTSPICE models are compatible to ngspice. Sometimes models by commercial vendors are encrypted. These cannot be used by open source Eeschema/ngspice.

https://www.youspice.com/links-to-spice-libraries/ (partially outdated)





Device vendor web pages:

https://www.vishay.com/how/design-support-tools/ (select the appropriate ‘Document Type’, PSPICE .lib, HSPICE or spice3 should be o.k.)
For TI models, check for the product on the TI web pages. PSPICE models (use their *.lib file in ngspice) may often be found in the ‘Design & Development’ section of the product page.

I have set up a new ngspice model page. It contains two very comprehensive model and model parameter collections and all the links to model pages known to me (as provided above). If not for special and very new devices, the collections should offer all that is needed.


Good idea. Thanks Holger.

I have updated the ngspice model page
with a short how-to make use of the model and model parameter collections.


Just found one for onsemi as well.


Thanks, added to the list.

http://www.zen22142.zen.co.uk/ltspice/standard.bjt is a dead link.

Your answer is STILL here:

Get your browser/security/firewall/whatever working, please.

I have zero control over the network security that I am going through. This secure connection error will not be accepted by our IT support as a request. Sending me links to insecure inaccessible sites does not help me. As far as I’m concerned, sourceforge.io does not exist.

However, sending me the relevant information from those sites may help me. I doubt that’s necessary because there must be a legitimate site that also has my answer.

Well, that’s your personal problem. There is nothing insecure about the link to sourceforge.io.
Let your IT people get their heads examined, that seems to be the way forward. I cannot provide you with alternative sites, nor will I “download the Internet” for you.

This thread is getting more than a little terse. But, I’ve done network security. A lot of times they just buy appliances and subscriptions and are clueless as long as no business needs are impacted. One big name appliance listed Goolge’s public name server as a ‘probably command and control center’. Well, Google is seeking world domination, but that’s not related to Kicad. :wink:

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