Help Understanding Simulation Errors

I’m new to KiCad and I’m using it for work. I built my circuit with SPICE models (or so I think) and I am being bombarded with a litany of errors the moment the simulation starts. I have used LTSpice before, but it was much “plug and play”. I followed a beginner tutorial to help me create my circuit.

Note: No compatibility mode selected!
warning, can’t find model ‘<no_net>’ from line
ra? <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> 0 <no_net> /v_cs_n /v_cs_p_s /v_cs_p_s /v_vs_c /v_vs_c <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> unconnected-m_sw-pad2 <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> 40
Circuit: KiCad schematic
Error on line 11 or its substitute:
ra? <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> 0 <no_net> /v_cs_n /v_cs_p_s /v_cs_p_s /v_vs_c /v_vs_c <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> unconnected-m_sw-pad2 <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> <no_net> 40
unknown parameter (<no_net>)
Background thread stopped with timeout = 0
Error: circuit not parsed.

I researched this as much as possible, and I have no idea what anything here means. “Error on line 11 or its substitute:” is especially confusing because I never wrote or saw and code directly.

I wish I could share the sketch, but I am not the owner. I can give abstracted descriptions of it as neccessary and that’s it. I had to change the name of the sketch to “KiCad schematic” after I read the error message so you can imagine how little information I can give.

Somethings I will say initially:

It’s purpose is to send a current pulse to a device many times and measure the resistance across it over time.

It contains a microcontroller that is simulated as just a resistor.

It contains a spice MNMOS which is toggled by the microcontroller in reality and is modeled as a pulsed voltage source in the simulation

It contains a voltage source to model a power supply that must be shielded from varying load by an RC filter.

Seems like you don’t have any spice models in your circuit.
KiCAD libraries contain no models except the basic passives.
You’ll need to attach a model to each symbol in your schematic yourself. Getting the models in the first place is the major hurdle. Some manufacturers are good on this point, others not.
This link might help:

May I suggest that you start with a tutorial like KiCad Eeschema as GUI for ngspice, tutorial for setting up the simulation, just to get an idea of what kind of steps are necessary for a successful simulation

Only then I would recommend starting with any other circuitry.

I hand-checked every component and they all have a SPICE model defined (Symbol Properties > Spice Model > (Passive or Source, according to component). Currently, none of them are set as Models.

The website that you linked is insecure so I cannot access it (no bypass allowed on work PC).

I have used two tutorials already. I must lack fundamental knowledge that these tutorials are assuming I have. Can you list every (and I mean every) step necessary to build a simple RC circuit that can be simulated? I am pretty sure that there are unknown unknowns here.

I cannot access insecure websites.

Check your browser error. It shows up ‘locked’ aka https for me.

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR


I know what the error is. I am not allowed to access insecure websites on my work PC, full stop.

OK. I searched this a little. Like I said, I have no problem connecting via https so I don’t think it is the site per se.
Could be anything from an older cert to security software where you work. Probably not worth chasing it down for a work computer because even if you find an answer it doesn’t mean they care. :wink:

Works for me. Your work IT environment is borked. Maybe you could capture the page with the list of model sites on your phone and enter the URLs manually.

As far as I know, The error message “Error on line 11 or its substitute” means that there is an issue with a specific line in your circuit. You can try checking all the connections in your circuit to ensure that they are correct and that all components are properly connected to the appropriate nets.

Yep, and there is nothing that I can do, so let’s just forget that exists and move on. I am sure that there are other sites that have what I need.

I have progressed since last visiting this thread. I have a working manufacturer SPICE model for my NMOSFET. Now, I need one for a PMOSFET because we decided to try high-side switching. Finding a model for that has been considerably harder. I found one, but its odd behavior convinced me that the models were bugged or I somehow imported them incorrectly.

Now that we’ve established that the “ideal MOSFET” doesn’t exist, perhaps you could disclose your need for voltage, current, Rds(on) etc.
That could make us point you in the right direction.

chuckles The veteran EE who is in the same room as me was the one who suggested ideal MOSFET models. The junior EE also uses them in his sims, but he gets them elsewhere because KiCAD has none by default. They absolutely exist and I have zero interest in learning why you have this view.

Moving on… we found some models he had saved from his work with LTSPICE and they are compatible with KiCAD. Thanks for trying. This is solved and I’m muting this thread.