Where can i find out about future KiCad features (especially ones that will be in v6)?

If there a list somewhere that shows future features that are being worked on for KiCad? I have seen some Github stuff but no indicators of what KiCad features are imminent.

Also I have occasionally heard rumors that a “release 6” is in the future with major changes. Is this true?


You mean like this thread ?

Or the roadmap ?

I guess that checking in gitlab for the Tag v6 should give a rough idea, albeit nothing set in stone.

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Thanks–I guess the roadmap gives the summary I am looking for.
(for some reason the “Post-v5” leads to infinite scrolling on my browser, probably because it is so large_


The roadmap is probably out of date. Better picture of the current situation can be seen in the issue database. See Post-v5 new features and development news for an introduction (just let the browser load it as long as it takes, don’t try to scroll before it’s ready). Then Search for 6.0 Feature Freeze milestone to see what’s going in and for 7.0 milestone to see what have been left out waiting for the future.

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