When I copy a block from one project's schematic to another project it tells me rescue symbols are not available


On v5.1.12 on Linux FWIW.

I’m trying to just copy a block from one schematic to another across two separate projects. When I do so it tells me that the symbols from the source block have all come from my rescue library in the source schemtic and of course they are not available in the target schematic.

Is there a way round this?

I never quite got the way these rescue symbols work. I get that it’s good that it means someone without your libraries can open up and read them. DOS p-cad did the same, but there was never any problem copying from one schematic to another.

I guess what is needed is for the source block to use my libraries that I have all the parts I use in so the target schamtic can access them. I suppose I could add the rescue library to the target schematic’s library, but that strikes me as starting to get v. messy.

In KiCad V6 these files do not longer exist and the schematic symbol information is stored directly in the schematic file itself.

Both the “rescue” and “-cache” libraries are temporary ad-hoc solutions. You can use the schematic symbol editor to copy schematic symbols between libraries. That way you can create a “real” project specific library. A caveat is that neither the “-cache” nor the “-rescue” libraries are normal schematic symbol libraries in KiCad V5 (I think they were in KiCad V4). There are several scripts around for “archiving projects” that can create a library from the used schematic symbols though.

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