What the symbol for 5-way switch (navigation switch) supposed to be?


I didn’t find any symbol in KiCAD libraries for 5-way switches (a.k.a. navigation switch or joystick switch). Any ideas how those should look like according to KLC guidelines if I’ll be drawing any by myself?

P.S. I’m talking about items like these:

See also 5 Way 'Joystick' Type Switch Footprint Available?

I’ve seen that topic, but there is no mentioning of the schematics symbol which meets the requirements of KLC.

Not every component has a symbol in the official lib. If there is none for such a switch then most likely nobody bothered to add one.

I understand, and that is exactly the thing. I want to make it, as well as to contribute it.
I sketched a few options here:

But, after reading the guidelines on library symbols, I can’t understand which of them complies with KLC?

The KLC does not really define symbols in detail. However it states that symbols should have a consistent look. So look at other rotary switches in the library and align your symbol to that.

Hello not sure if you are talking about a schematic symbol, if so try search hat switch mouser. Datasheets there show various 5 position switches.

ahh I forgot about Symbols. I was all worried about footprint.
I’ve had to make a symbol or two and it is really easy to do.

One thing is the connector pins. They have a straight line with a circle (connectror) at the end. To me, the circle should have been the start of the line and inside the part. But, no, the line is the beginning and the circle is the end. Makes perfect sense now.

Make a rectangle (or square in this case), add pins. Name the pins, their direction, save. You dont draw the actual schematic.

If I wasn’t moving I’d made a symbol. I honestly haven’t had a chance to install/use at the footprint.
Everything I was working on is on hold until the move is over with.

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