5 Way 'Joystick' Type Switch Footprint Available?


I want to use these 5 way joystick buttons/switches on my next project but did not see one in the Footprint Editor/Library. Am I missing it or does someone know of a different switch with the same footprint?

Come to think of it, why are the pins bent?

Link to the item -

It looks like it has the same footprint as this -

Thank you for making Kicad what it is!

No, those two parts are not even close to being the same footprint.

Also open to using another part. Left, Right, Up, Down, Press to Select.
If anyone has any suggestions. Cheap. :slight_smile:

Are they really? To me it looks like there are plastic protrusions on the bottom side which need holes in the PCB. The pins would touch the surface. This is pretty standard for many SMD parts when they need to be stabilized.

A data sheet is required to even start. The problem with this kind of ‘source’ is that they don’t seem to make one available. Not only is there pad size and placement it looks like from the pictures you could need board cutouts. In the pictures it looks like the legs don’t touch the surface.

In short, find a source that is willing to document the part or buy it and measure it and make your own footprint. Not really that hard once you do the first.

You are absolutely right. I cannot find a datasheet for these. It also looks like there is no 5 way navigation switch thing in the footprint library. There should be one.

This is the part I am thinking of using/creating now -


I am guessing it is best to have the part in your hand when creating the footprint. Although Digikey’s 3D view is pretty cool.

Follow the page down to:
EDA / CAD Models JS5208 by SnapEDA

Oh wow. Great!! Thank you for that.

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