What .model for D_Bridge _ + - AA?

hello, question in the topic of my post.


and is there any list of all .model? so that I do not clutter the forum every time if I can not find it in google or YT.


Probably not. There’s no way to include models for all KiCad symbols. Also, not all models are the same and focus on different features/functions or even simulation speed, so a “universal database” is not practical. For example, you may find someone who wrote a 1N4148 model which does model breakdown, and another which does not. Here are some links that might help you find aggregated databases of models:

As for your specific need, one way is to create a subcircuit using 4 separate diodes. I used the 1N4004 model from Diodes Inc to create the following. I suggest pasting the text into a .lib file and loading it into Eeschema using the normal UI.

.subckt D_Bridge_+-AA 1 2 3 4
D1 3 1 DI_1N4004
D2 4 1 DI_1N4004
D3 2 3 DI_1N4004
D4 2 4 DI_1N4004
.model DI_1N4004 D(IS=76.9p RS=42.0m BV=400 IBV=5.00u CJO=39.8p M=0.333 N=1.45 TT=4.32u)
.ends D_Bridge_+-AA
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A somewhat common diode bridge is MB6S. But I think Bordodynov’s (and analog spiceman’s) models mentioned above are often better than the vendors’ models.

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Thanks for the link. Looks like their subcircuit has the same exact structure as mine, but of course with different diode parameters.

thank U guys. bridge [MB6S] works good.