What is an Esource?

I thought that using an ESOURCE may be a simple way to build a part of my simulation, so I took the ngSpice manual from:

and did a search, and “esource” is not mentioned at all.

I also found Holgers uploaded example of an esource: Dual Voltage sweep with Reversed Polarity
and it gives me a:


But all I want is a simple (Either ideal or real) inverter. a 74hc04 would suit my purposes just fine for this simulation…

ngspice manual, chapter 4.2.2 Exxxx: Linear Voltage-Controlled Voltage Sources (VCVS)

An inverter may be created with a B source (manual chapter 5.1 Bxxxx: Nonlinear dependent source (ASRC)) and a ternary equation:
Binv1 out 0 V = (v(in) > 2.5) ? 0 : 5
where the ports are in, 0 and out, 0. You may change 5 and 5/2=2.5 according to your needs.

I thank you for your quick reply.

At the moment I’m looking into: 74HC04BQ - Hex inverter | Nexperia which has both spice and ibis models for the hc family, and getting such models to work is on my todo list too.

It would be nice if there was more overlap between the ngSpice manual and the Simulation_SPICE lib in KiCad. As mentioned earlier, the ngspice manual does not mention ESOURCE, and the KiCad library does not have VCVS. It is one of those gazillion things that all add up and make getting started with ngSpice very frustrating for beginners.