What am I missing in this simple zener diode simulation?

I am trying to see Zener voltage but could not achieve it. My circuit and simuaiton result is as follows:

I should see Vz=8.2V but it is calculated as 0.47V.
I made the same simulation in LTSpice with the same zener spice model, it gave correct result.
There must be something that I am missing but what ? Any help I appreciate it.

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Try reversing the Zener diode in KiCad. As far as I remember, the pin assignment between the default Kicad model and LTSpice is reversed. Alternatively, try to use the Simulation Diode in Kicad, which has the pins in LTSpice order.

(See description at the bottom of my screenshot)

If reversing the diode fixes the issue, you can swap the pins assignment to get the equivalent result without having to actually put the diode in the wrong way.

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Something is wrong at the bottom of your schematic with the GND, those little circles show a connection error

Yep. I created a new zener diode with reverse ordered pin numbers. And it went well. Also tried the simulation diode and it was also OK.

No, I don’t think so. It’s neither squares nor circles and the color is different from what would be “suspicious graphics”. It looks more like text. But, to be sure, you can drag the GND symbol check that the wire stays attached, and then press [Esc] to cancel the drag and put it back where it was.

@ethan You model also complains about:

unrecognized parameter (vpk) - ignored

Agreed, that’s a “node 0” net label (spice typically uses node 0 as ground).

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A general tip when you want to do simulation:
Always tick the “Show pin numbers” field for every device. You’ll find it immensely helpful.
Another tip: most diode symbols have pin 2 for anode and pin 1 for cathode.
Ngspice expects exactly the opposite. Use the “Alternative node sequence” to change this.
Third tip: for Zeners it’s exactly the same. Ngspice expects anode and cathode in that sequence NOT positive and negative terminal.