VSOURCE/ISOURCE parameterize to sweep?

Hi all,

Is there a way to parameterize a VSOURCE parameter to sweep it in GUI Interface?
When I try to enter a string, the Eeschema returns a warning message indicating “param” is not a valid SPICE value.

The idea is to parameterize rise/fall times, frequencies, AC magnitudes and phases, etc.

Thanks in advance

Dang. I don’t think Eeschema allows non-numerical entries for its SPICE values. Unfortunately, the only way around this is to edit the “Spice_Model” field manually. In this example screenshot, I have a 5V square wave with the risetime being defined by the parameter “rise” and the falltime being defined by the parameter “fall” using these two text fields elsewhere in my schematic:

.param rise=100n
.param fall=200n

Thanks Ste.
It didn’t work with the brackets in the AC definition. When I put just the variable, it successfully runs.

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