Via holes to connect a layer to another

I’m working on the layout of the PCB and I need to use the via holes.
How can I use them?
How do I connect the via hole with the trace under the first layer (working in the second layer)?
Does it exist a tutorial about this argument?
thank you


So lets add a few vias. Activate the routing tool (hotkey x ). Click on pad 2 of R2 (The GND pad of R2 ). Press v to add a via to your cursor and move your mouse around. Notice that you know have a via at the cursor which is followed by a trace back to your starting position.

from here:

thanks for your replay.
Now I have the necessity to put four mechanical holes (not via, but for fixing the PCB to our machine) in the angles of the PCB. Does it exist a command to realize them?

you can either add NPTH directly in PCBnew or add them via eeschema and import them.

I personally like capturing things like this (and logo’s) in eeschema

the holes can be found under the mounting hole footprint library

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