Version 6 release plan?

Hi. Is there a plan/schedule available for when version 6 might get released? I saw a thread with a similar topic here, but that was 3 years ago. Anyone?

It will probably get released when it’s ready. :slight_smile:
Somewhere near the end of last year some consensus was reached to start finalizing V5.99 and it was put in “feature freeze”. And most work after that goes into making it stable enough to be released as V6 and a release candidate was expected somewhere around now.

But apparently its going a bit slower as expected and I’ve heard some rumors that it may not be finished before the end of this year.
You can sort of track progress on:

and here:
At the moment there are still 80 issues open labeled for 6.0.0-rc1.

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There is a lot of interest in KiCad V6, but of course we all already knew that :slight_smile:


Thanks, paulvdh. I will sit down in the boat and do my best to be more patient :slight_smile: Btw, has during the KiCad development going for 6.0 it arrived more and more bugs the more versions released=every update adding at least 1 or 10 more bugs? Nowadays I’m a bit scared of even opening a project, as every time quitting the message “KiCad quitted very abnormal” or what the error message is.

I have been using the nightly’s for some time not. I have on a Windows10/64 desktop (nothing special). Anyway I can’t remember the last time Kicad crashed or quit like stated. Yes there have been some bugs (which is what the nightly’s are for but I’ve never had a project “damaged”.

I’m doing kinda vanilla stuff, double sided not too complex.

Ok thanks for your info, JohnRob.

Post-v5 new features and development news is a one stop thread for all things related to development and also release of v6 if you are willing to follow it.

Feature freezes are intended to stop this 1 step forwards 3 back problem. Changes now are to fix bugs only, so new bugs should be less than those fixed

Thanks guys, very good information here from you (I’m an old Eagle user/cirka 13 years) Let’s hope we soon will see a KiCad 6 release, before some other company has to buy it…

The v6 feature freeze was not really a true freeze. A few features were nearly ready and deemed quite important, so it was decided to allow them to be merged after the freeze.

Disclaimer: while i have a KiCad tag on my profile, i am not part of the source code development team so m insight into this is limited (I am part fo the library team – or at least had been as my current availability is sadly limited)

To borrow a meme from the Prusa community: It will be released on Friday. We just don’t know which Friday yet…


Yeah, may be a Friday numbered 13 :slight_smile:

Now is a great time to test the nightly builds, as we are fairly close (in terms of remaining work, hard to say exactly in terms of time) to a 6.0 release candidate. Putting aside the Python API which is still a work in progress, there are actually very few remaining issues that are both reproducible and high-priority. Additional testers would be greatly appreciated to make sure there aren’t issues we have missed that should get fixed before 6.0 is released.


Thanks for this interesting info, craftyjon, though I’ve been avoiding updating the nightly builds since some time back since at some stage of these nightly builds updates the “Interactive HTML BOM” stopped working so I though it may be better waiting until things might be sorted out. Hopefully this doesn’t take all to long though – good luck with the programming, it will be very interesting to see what KiCad 6.x will become!


@TheSwede that’s not up to Kicad devs, it’s up to plugin author, in this case me to fix. And I have, a while ago, you should update your plugin to latest from github master.


My apologies, I didn’t know that, thanks for the info! I’m an old lazy Eagle user and still not used of “github” and “python”. You have made a good plugin, great looking and useful work, I will try to find the update at “github”.

Here is direct download link that always points to latest version

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Thanks for the link. Just tested the updated “Interactive HTML BOM” which works like a charm in Kicad “Version: (5.99.0-9501-gb8a96dbfc5)” Now let’s also test an updated nightly build of KiCad which now might be “kicad-unified-20210629-010700-6c67dfa032”.

Another thing, may be in the wrong thread but here it comes anyway. The same file/with the same “Path” for components/3dFiles behaves all different dependent on which OS is used. It does not help to “reconfigure” the 3d Models path either. It will remain missing. What’s going on there? It’s only OSX Mojave and OSX Catalina showed here, in the Windows version of KiCad other parts will be missing, even directing to the same 3d Models path. Scary.


I have seen this when transferring projects from win10 to Linux (both with KiCad 5.10).
I used the .ZIP archieve to transfer the project.

The 3D Model of a relay vanished though it is part of the standard KiCad libraries. I added it again using the same model with same name.

All others were OK. Even a .STP heatsink I had taken from the internet was still present.

Thanks chris9, I think i understand what you describe but mine “3d-parts” are all pointed/directed to the same “path” (hard drive) no matter what OS i run it from, but it ends up with totally different results (different parts missing) depending if it’s on Windows 10 (via parallels desktop) or if it’s OSX Mojave. The only OS now not messing this up seems to be OSX Catalina, this all seems not logical to me.