Version (5.1.0)-1 issues

folks: I had the 5.0 version working fine. Editing symbols & adding a symbol in the library was the only problem I could never resolve.
Installed version (5.1.0)-1
Some problems cropped up. Although symbol manipulation is excitingly simple & direct. Many other features seem different but easy to follow. Wanted to increase donation but now company folks won’t handle CH!
Will find a way out though soon…
Meanwhile some problems

  • layout from “pro” files will always hang up my laptop which never happened until this version.
    But if I launch it separately, no problems.
  • I had the BOM working fine in csv before. Now I chose a script file with .py extension from KiCAD installation bin folder. I get a “success” note in the dialog box when I run “BOM” from icon in eschema ; but there is no .csv file visible anywhere!

Would appreciate any help in addressing these.

Especially when bugs are version related, always post full version info.

There also was an important bug discovered in an official version released earlier today:

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