The not yet officially released 5.1.1 includes a serious bug. 5.1.2 will come shortly

It seems like a very serious bug in netlist creation has been missed in the not yet officially released 5.1.1. This version is however already available for many platforms including at least fedora, ubuntu and windows. (Especially under linux this means many users got this update via their package managers already.)

The discussion is here:


5.1.2 for ubuntu seems to be available since about 7 hours (i.e. 2019-04-24T0800Z)

5.1.2 was tagged officially on GitHub a few days ago, so this IS 5.1.2
There is also Windows builds hiding in the “Previous Releases” on the website
There has been no official blog announcement yet as I guess MacOS is late as usual

Windows\OSX\Ubuntu released.


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