Ver 5.0.2 pcbnew tooltips


Hi folks,
I’ve just upgraded to ver. 5.0.2 on my Ubuntu 18.4 64 bit pc & love it!
However I’ve no doubt I’m doing something, if I hover the mouse over any of the tool bar items, if i look very carefully I see a grey box with the contents in a very pale white, Am I missing something in the set up of Kicad or is it in the Ubuntu display setup? I’ve had a good look round in Kicad & can’t see anything I’m doing wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,



I think the word you are looking for is tooltip. There was a similar report recently:

In Tooltips no-show - Ubuntu 17.10 the exact same problem as yours was reported. The suggestion was to check the gtk style settings. The original reporter never got back to us if it helped.

In Menu bar issue / no highlighting of meaning when touching with mouse it was reported that there where no tooltips at all. It seems to be the case that here changing the style settings for gnome/gtk under KDE where to blame. Here we got conformation that this fixed the issue.


Here’s also one: Blank ICON popup descriptions

Could you @Linuxman52000 confirm if changing the style helped?


Sorry for getting back sooner, yes I’m glad to report that changing the style cured the problem, many thanks for the help, I’ve just installed the latest ver. of KiCAD & am very impressed with it.