Tooltips no-show - Ubuntu 17.10


Running version 5.0.0-fee4fd1-65-ubuntu17.10.1, on a System76 Oryx Pro laptop with Ubuntu 17.10.

I never see any tooltips for any of the GUI buttons in either eeschema or pcbnew.

Is there a toggle for tooltips that I might have hit by accident ?


Hard to say. I had this happen in Debian once. I don’t remember which version but it was a 4.0.x version of Kicad. I can’t even tell you if it was stock or rolled. Just came back after some random update. As I remember it wasn’t particularly Kicad specific for me. The boxes would open up but just be blank.


If you can see boxes but no text, it’s probably a GTK style problem. Try changing it.


17.10 will be losing support now, Ubuntu don’t maintain non LTS versions for long after they are superceded.