Valve/Tube Preamp KiCad v6 Schematic

Updated: 04/25/23
KiCad v6
Valve/Tube Audio Preamp Schematic

3-Secondary Power Transformer
120VAC (@ 60Hz) Primary
Secondary 1 750VCT
Secondary 2 6.3V
Secondary 3 5V

5U4GB Dual Diode Rectifier
ECC83 Dual Triode Preamplifier (445.4 KB)


750V CT for the HV supply is insane. You’d get 500V or more for the B supply and exceed the rating of the poor triodes. That kind of voltage is for power amps. Sure you didn’t mean 375V CT?

YES. This is a preliminary design for a super high powered tube audio amp.
The power supply is intended for driving 4 6CA7’s (minimum) as in a
Marshall 100 Watt Amp.
After the 5 Henry Inductor (choke) there is a 10k Ohm
voltage dropping resistor and a 1k Ohm isolation resistor for the triodes.

I’m glad I heat my abode with more efficient means while listening to music. :wink:

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