V6 R10772 3-D issue

Hi guys!
I wonder try to add a 3-D model in footprint-library (Footprint properties/3d Settings)- just hit “+”, but cannot browse nothing to choose right 3-D model: “browse” option is gone.
Any ideas?

Best regards from Germany,

The nightlies are in full development mode again so a lot of bugs are again to be expected. (They might also be fixed quite fast if a dev notices them.)

Sadly i can not double check it as i do not run newer nightlies. (I stay close to v5 till i have v5 installed on my main machine. Then i might again setup a vm that runs nightly for testing stuff.)

At the moment the master branch and nightly builds are not getting any new functional features worth mentioning, from the ordinary user’s point of view only the UI is refactored. Use nightly builds only if you actually want to test and give feedback to the developers.


It is UI problem anyway…

Yes, and because UI is being refactored, something may go wrong with it temporarily. Unless you really want to follow development, you may get problems but nothing useful in exchange at the moment. After 5.1 release new features will start to flow in rapidly (I believe) so that it will be more interesting if you want to try new features. But there will be more new bugs then, too…

Got it!
Button is just empty and miss some icon. See my screen. Just press empty button: its “browse”

Is anyone else seeing the blank button? It shows correctly as a folder icon on my machine…

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