V5.0 Library browser problem

I use KiCAD in my daily job. Mostly Nightly’s, but V5 too. V5 is installed in “KiCAD-V5” folder, Nigtlies in standard “KiCAD”. Im on Windows10x64(Pro).
V5 have issues in Footprint library browser - any ideas?
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To have any chance of helping we would need the full version string (help->about->copy version info). We would also need to know which operating system you run. Does anything else also behave strangely?

And as a sidenode: We here are also only fellow users. If you are lucky one of the users here has encountered something similar. But most likely you will need to report this bug over at the official bugtracker for devs to take a look at it. More details see: I found a bug. What now?

Hi Rene!
sure sure! I use to think: its known issue or something like that.
Im daily KiCAD user (most nightlies as well), so seen this issue on just checking some older projects.
Windows: 10-Pro, newest version (just all updated) x64bit:
Workstation: TR1920X, 32G-RAM, Asus x399 ROG Mainboard, M.2 (System), SATA-SSD (Files).
Do you think I need to report a bug? Can someone reproduce this issue?
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P.S. trainees in our company dont have this issue on Ryzen7- just let you knowV5.txt (750 Bytes)

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