Using the CHMT48VB pick and place togheter with Kicad

Have this pick and place.
Will write here about my experince.

pick and place file format needs to be.
Designator,Footprint,Mid X,Mid Y,Ref X,Ref Y,Pad X,Pad Y,Layer,Rotation,Comment

seems he just ignore the first line, so you must have some dummy information there.

I will probably end up writing some software to deal with input to this machine somewhat less manually.

the chmt48vb will use a project file with all information need in a xxx.dpv file

this file contains information not output from pick and place by kicad today.
(like component height)

i will need to write software to deal with this from sql based libraries
so once i go down that road the sql will be master and the kicad libs will be generated as a combo of sql+kicad => kicad

I attach here the dpv file that is a clear text file.
Ideally a file like this should be generated by kiad, but ofcourse that will not happen for a long time, so i will start coding.

dpv file example attached, clear text
SAMPLE FILE 20161012 - xiao.dpv (21.4 KB)

may be this can be of some relevance to your user case:

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And may be also this

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Not usable for me as I always use real part no as key.
Also I have already an SQL database for BOM post processing and tracking inventory calculation of batches, lack of components number of different runs accumulated etc.

But absolutely a good software but not for me.
I will just add some fields onto my current data base.
Like component height and stepping distance cut-of tape and packaging type etc.

I will publish to community once finished.

I use Ubuntu, c++, and my SQL as tools.

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Is it possible to help me with the code? I followed your csv format but still cannot get the component populated.

I used the csv file from kicad without modification

It worked last time i tried 2 months ago.