KiCAD Part Manager

If someone is using KiCAD electronic design suite and needs some library data management system with better support for part numbers and creating BOMs for manufacturing, I have created one. It is named KiCAD Part Manager, read more here.


Wohohooo… :astonished:

Hi @mikecrash
I would like to test your library data management… I think this is something that kicad really miss…
I would like to test it in windows…
do you have some libs and a db to share, so I could start with something already working?
Thanks a lot

Hi, there are some basic data in installation, so you can use them. If you want some more, I can sand it to you, but I thing it is not needed. What you need is some design files to test annotate of schematic. Keep in mind you need Kicad version 4.


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I am also very interested in using the part manager. However I looked over to your website and tried to set up the system as you described. Unfortunately I am no very familiar with SQL therefore I didn’t manage to get the system up and running. Do you think you could make a tutorial going a bit more into detail about the setup process?



Hi, sorry for too late. I have upgraded server and my code is no longer compatible with php7, so it is currently offline. As i find time, I will rewrite it.

Temporarily you can download my part manager here:

Hi Mike, thank you for the link…
would you have also a copy of the howto install/use (html or pdf of readme)?

thank you

the site
is on line again…
instructions available … :slight_smile: