Using eagle footprint libs with KiCad

As a side note KiCad is not able to load Eagly libraries as well as Altium libraries as far as I know.
I haven’t checked the dev release but it is not available in stable.
Giving an option to load Eagle libs would just be a big step in getting the manufacturer footprint suggested model.

KiCad has been able to load Eagle footprint* libraries for a long time, since before it could read Eagle projects. I am not aware this feature has been removed, although its possible a bug got introduced.

Edit: qualified with footprint, symbol libraries are not included

Would you post a link to a doc?
i.e. I cannot find how to import an Eagle lib for footprint

You just add the Eagle library in Manage Footprint Libraries, navigate to the .lbr file and add it to the table. The library entry has a plugin type “Eagle”.


Great feature, but very well hidden. Like a command line tool sometimes, it’s easier to use if you know it - but if not, it’s much worse than an explicit but verbose GUI.

Many thanks! that was a very useful feature to me…
I already tried to add an Eagle lib, but the Gui is pointing (looking) to a Folder and not a filename as in Eagle lib needs, so I missed that feature!

I agree so much… a minimum user friendly approach would be implemented… but anyway I will try not to forget this tip!
It is so much useful to have a basic model to work with before starting to design a new footprint. It is something that having a reviewer of your work :smiley:

Reason for that is because it only supports xml based eagle library formats. Unsupported layers will need to be ‘translated’ by hand. File location must be entered by hand. No folder selection support.

but that is a weird behavior…
may be if one will select Eagle Type lib from the combo, the Gui should accept a file as an entry instead of a folder…
That would be much more user friendly, because if the Gui is still pointing to a folder, the user is misled.

The behaviour here might be operating system dependent so easily missable by devs. I have no problem adding eagle libs via the GUI under fedora with KiCad 5.1.5. (It lets me select the lib file in the normal manner and creates the correct path for the table entry.)

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You are write… it seems to work now… It seems it works if Eagle is selected as library before the adding… good to know … thx again

You are lucky. Does not seem to work on 18.04.3 with 5.99 commit 779

It’s just a matter of file selection filters internally set accordingly. If not then it’s a copy/paste taks.

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