Update to tutorial on KiCad/ngspice simulation using KiCad8RC

I have made an update to the tutorial: ngspice simulation in KiCad/Eeschema at KiCad Eeschema as GUI for ngspice, tutorial for setting up the simulation.

KiCad 8 release candidate (RC2/RC3) is used.

Still missing: The usage of external ngspice needs some fix in Eeschema.


Thank you for the nice tutorial, it made it very easy for me to get introduced for the spice simulation. I went through 4 first examples today with Kicad 8 version build today and got same results. Couple of questions came to my mind while going throughts the examples.

  1. Examples 1 and 2 use the GND-0 symbol from Simulation Spice library while examples 3 and 4 use the reqular GND. Would regular GND be ok also on first 2 examples?

  2. At first I was little bit confused why I can use reqular Cap and Resistor symbol while some symbols BNP transistor was from the Spice models library. Later I realized that these regular R and C symbols already has the build in spice model defined. Would it make sense to mention the list of “standard” symbols that are not under the spice model category but already has the built in spice model?

  3. In examples 3 and 4 it took me a while to realize that I needed to modify the ampl/Amplitude from 1 to 10m to get a same results than in pictures. Picture showed the change, but maybe it would make sense to mention that step also on text?

Many thanks for your feedback. I will take care. Just working on the digital examples.

Indeed GND and 0 symbols are equivalent.

Looks like a great tutorial, I’ve been interesting to test at least portions of a circuit with a simulator, but other than drawing something in Falstad for RC testing, I haven’t so far. This is a good incentive for me to go down this road.


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