Unable to load/use template on my Kicad on Mac OS

I am very new on Kicad, hoping that my question is not too naive.
I have installed Kicad on my Mac. It seems to work well excepted if I try to create a project
using a template. Indeed, it seems that Kicad don’t find the template …
However the templates seem to be well installed in
/Library/Application Support/kicad/template/
but I observed that the file kicad.pro doesn’t exists but there is a file fp-lib-table.
Is it the reason ? If yes, where can I find this file ?
Thanks for your help
Config is
OS X El Capitan Vers 10.11.16
kicad 4.0.5

This seems to be a bug which has yet to be fixed. Here is a recent post about this problem but unfortunately no solution is offered. The bug tracker acknowledges the issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/+bug/1492577?comments=all

Thank you for the info.
Hope the bug will be solved soon.
In the meanwhile I migrated on Ubuntu.