Ubuntu 7.0 testing builds

There is now a 7.0 testing builds PPA available for Ubuntu 22.04 and up. Testing builds are nightly builds from the stable branch, and contain bugfixes only (no new features) compared to the most recent stable release. Use testing builds if you want to try out bugfixes that will be in the upcoming stable bugfix release (7.0.1 at this time)

This PPA also fixes some known issues with the initial 7.0.0 release PPA (broken translations and Python scripting; multiple desktop icons), so please let me know your experiences with it.

This PPA currently only provides the KiCad software, not the libraries/templates/etc. It is designed to be installed along with the kicad-7.0-releases PPA for people who want to test the latest fixes that will go into the next stable release. It will overwrite the stable release version, and you can still run the nightly PPA side by side with it.

If you have been using the stable PPA and had problems with translations, etc please give this a shot and see if it fixes things.