Trouble importing dxf into footprint editor

I’m trying to import a CorelDraw generated dxf file into a footrprint. I understand Corel does not have the best dxf export, but it does work in PCBNew but not in the footprint editor.

Does anyone know if this is a common issue or is it just because I’m using CorelDraw?

I’m using Kicad 5.1.0-1


Well a bit more detail about what does not work might be a good start. Right now it could be anything from you getting an error message to it simply looking different in the footprint editor as compared to corel draw. (If it is the later then maybe also explain what the differences are. Screenshots might help here.)


Thanks, I just had a chance to reopen the same footprint (partial not finished) and now all the attempts to import a dxf are on screen. So I’m good for now.

Earlier attempts on dsf import, nothing would appear on the screen. The import dialog gave no complaints but nothing showed up.

If I figure out how to duplicate this I will post the sequence.

I know better than to leave out a more complete description… my bad.

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