Is Import SVG comming in 5.1.0?

I’m struggling with importing into the footprint editor. Is see SVG in the import menu but when selected there is “no SVG import module loaded”

Is this to be a new capability or does it exist and I’ve not figured how to enable it?


What sort of thing are you trying to import in the Footprint Editor?

If you want some complicated footprint the best path to make it is probably with FreeCAD and StepUp.

Why have you created 2 very similar topics?

FreeCAD can likely import your corel draw DXF and make a footprint from it with the StepUp plugin.

In the footprint Editor you can also draw lines on an auxillary layer, select it and them from the Right Mouse Buktton context menu select “Create pad from selected shapes”. (In KiCad V5.0.2)

Another option is the inkscape plugin svg2shenzen

Why have you created 2 very similar topics?

While both this and the dxf questions came up in the same effort for me they are (IMHO) different.

The current 5.1.0-1 import dialog has an option for svg input. However no module is “loaded” So my question was… is SVG import imminent or available with an additional module?

Thanks, inkscape looks interesting, however I already own CorelDraw and have become quite comfortable using it.

WARNING Unsupported option here

In your user configuration directory, you can create a text file named “kicad_advanced”. In this file, add a single line that says EnableSvgImport=1

Keep in mind that this is unsupported at the moment. Double-check all files imported using this method and be aware that there may be issues or crashes as it is not yet fully tested.

May the force be with you.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll give it a cautious try.


Where is this configuration directory, in particular on macOS? I’ve looked around couldn’t find it documented, which I understand since this is really an architecture/build parameter. Seems like there should be a global config dir somewhere around /Library/Application Support/kicad, and maybe a user-level one in ~/Library/Application Support/kicad as well?

Library/Preferences/kicad/ (EDIT: in your home dir)


I’ve been hunting around for it, so thanks. That totally worked. Also, SVG import is :fire:

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