Transmission line component for simulation


Is there any transmission line components for simulation?

I couldn’t find any so i did it the ugly way.
I have managed to simulate lossless transmission lines using a 4 port connector and naming it T1 and with value “Z0=50 TD=10NS”.

However this seems prone to errors and hard to make a schematic that looks understandable.

Sincerely Jimmie

I have been using a transformer symbol to do my transmission lines in KiCad, because it looks the most similar to LTspice’s TLINE component. See attached project ZIP for more details. (2.8 KB)

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That certainly looks nicer and more practical.

Thank you for that!

Yep, just make sure you pay attention to the “Alternate Node Sequence” for T1 in the example project I provided. The pin order needs to be reshuffled around because a transmission line needs 1 & 2 on the left and 3 & 4 on the right.

Did a simple image search for:

I think I like this one best:

Once you’ve figured out how to make custom schematic symbols in KiCad, drawing such a symbol would take about 10 minutes or less.