Transient Simulation Not working

I’m trying to run the a transient response for a boost converter BQ25504. I’ve run the Electrical Rules Checker and I have no errors. When I try running the simulation I get the message:

Line no. 14, draw, missing tokens
Note: Compatibility modes selected: ps lt
Error: not enough parameters in line
eeschema-library version 2.3
No circuit loaded!
Doing analysis at TEMP = 27.000000 and TNOM = 27.000000

does show that you probably did not attach the correct spice model to the BQ25504 symbol. “eeschema-library version 2.3” is wrongly sent to ngspice, is not a valid instance of a spice netlist or model. Without a proper spice model you cannot simulate any circuit. The model is typically provided by the device manufacturer, not bei KiCad.

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