Track keepout near edge cut arc?

I’ve imported a DXF onto my edge cut layer for my outer PCB perimeter - it includes some arcs as I plan on having this made on flex.

As I try to route tracks around near the edge of the board, I’ve found one area where tracks will not enter.
Moving the edge cut arc away allows tracks to enter the space - it’s almost as if the center point of the edge cut arc itself is a keep-out area for tracks.
What is going on here? How can I route tracks into this area? See attached picture.

Is it this bug?

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Definitely looks like it. Thanks for the quick response! Could really use 5.1.3 in the next few days if it indeed has a fix… otherwise these edges are going back to corners.

5.1.3 hasn’t been released yet.

if you are on Ubuntu I can recommend

And if you’re on Windows :

Thanks! Just installed the latest build and it looks like it works!


I just got bit by the same bug. I installed 5.1.2 (latest Windows version available for download) today. I opened a design from last year and tried to move something near the rounded corner of the board. After a couple of hours of frustration I finally found this post after I narrowed down the problem to the arc by figuring out how to see the area that I couldn’t route through. I’m a fairly new KiCad user, so this was really frustrating, because I didn’t realize it was a bug for a long time, I figured I was just doing something wrong.

This screenshot shows that the entire circle from which the arc is taken is essentially a keep-out.

5.1.4 is available on the download page in other versions

Just to try to put all the post together:

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