Track inside fillzone not seperated

Hi all,

So i placed my components on a new board, made a ground plane and lay down a track.
I notice that there is no separation from the groundplane so i press “F3” (redraw) but nothing changes.

Just to test i turned it around and created the track and after that added the groundplane and it shows fine, any ideas?
In the past it worked fine.

You need to “refill” the copper pour.

You need to refill the zone after routing tracks through it. Press ‘B’ to refill all zones.

Press ‘?’ for a list of all commands. Wouldn’t hurt to download the manual.

dammit, thank you. i totally forgot about that one.


May I suggest a cheatsheet by @Foalyy ?

The list of Hotkeys is almost 40 entries when you add in the canvas selectors (F9, F11, F12) and the “Find” (Ctrl+F) and “File Save” (Ctrl+S) commands. Users accustomed to common Windows Hotkeys need to remember the ones that KiCAD does NOT support, e.g. “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste” (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V).

That’s a LOT to remember!


What exactly is your point? For the keys you can’t remember just press ‘?’. Sure it might be 40+ entries long but it can be quickly scanned for the word ‘zones’ etc. Much quicker than logging into the forum, posting a question and waiting for a reply.

Not really. (Ever heard of emacs or vim?)
You don’t need all of them.
If you use kicad regularly you will remember the ones you need. Having an easy way to display all shortcuts helps with the learning process.

As far as i know all functions can be accessed without using the shortcuts.