Trace length calculation wrt different layer

there’s an option of Tune track length which calculates the TOTAL trace i.e. signal length.
But Is there a way where I can calculate trace length layerwise.
For eg., I’ve A signal which is going top pad to some X distance on Top Layer and Then via to inner layer for Y distance and then top Layer for Z distance Is there a way I can calculate Each distance separately? OR total propagation time of flight?
Currently, KiCAD will give total value of (X+Y+Z).

Can anyone please answer?

This is probably not high on any KiCad related priority list.
Matched lenth suggest high speed signals, which suggest not too many layer changes etc.

In the status area at the bottom of the screen there is a “Segment Length” and “length”.
You can (temporarily) delete some track segments or via’s, then check the length and use [Ctrl +Z] to undo the delete.

That may be the closest workaround currently available.

You could modify Lenght stats action plugin

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I’ve tried downloading plugin and added in the Plugin folder of KiCAD but it doesn’t see plugin when I check in the PCB Tool> External Plugins >Refresh

While I prefer issues with plugins reported on Github I think we can check few possibilities.

  1. You have to shut down the KiCad completely in order for plugin to register.
  2. which version of KiCad and OS you are on?
  3. Can you look in the plugin folder if there is a lenght_stats_error.log file there. If there is, can you post the contents?

did you remove the -master suffix? the directory name needs to be correct

Yes, I’ve closed and open again.
KiCAD 5.1.6 running Windows 10.
There are no such files I do see the only lengthStats_alt.fbp and lengthStats_GUI.fbp

Hi ,
I didn’t get you.

Thanks for the feedback
Where did you put the plugin? Can you please state the full path to the file?

If you download from GitHub as a zip it appends -master to the zip and directory name. This needs to be removed

If you did a got clone you should be fine

Where did you put the plugin directory

path file is as follows: KiCad(E)\share\kicad\scripting\plugins

Yes I’ve downloaded from Github as a zip but I’m not copying entire folder into plugin folder and I’m just copying .py and fbp files

Iirc it needs to be in the named directory

could you please explain in detail?

To install the plugin copy relevant folder into ‘scripting/plugins’ subfolder of the KiCad configuration folder: on Windows: %APPDATA%\scripting\plugins (which most commonly translates to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\kicad\scripting\plugins )

on GNU/linux: ~/.kicad/scripting/plugins or ~/.kicad_plugins

on MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/kicad/scripting/plugins or on newer versions ~/Library/Preferences/kicad/scripting/plugins

This is where I put it