The way from Download page to pre 5.1.6?

I have a problem with Plot-SVG and Export-SVG of bottom layers.
I wonted to check if it is may be solved in pre 5.1.6 but starting from:

I have a problem to find pre 5.1.6 nigtlies for Windows.

The 5.1 nightly builds are here: It is somewhat hidden unfortunately.

Probably some time ago (in someone’s thread) I asked the same question, and probably was directed to the same place.
I remembered that it is possible to reach it from Download page.
Today searching I found (via nightlies) that ‘testing’ directory but directory name and file names made me supposing these are not pre 5.1.6s.

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Yea, the “nightlies” in the folder are the 5.99 versions. The 5.1 ones are considered “testing” versions, and live in the 5.1 directory of the testing folder.

I should probably update the website with a direct link to the folder.

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That would help people who needs it very rarely. I think.

Making people that really want it search a bit is better than having neophytes inadvertently downloading it.

Yes, but it’s not mentioned at all anywhere while the unstable nightly builds are linked to. The testing builds in the stable series rarely cause troubles (although it has happened sometimes).

Well i would understand hiding the 5.99 nightlies that way because these are really the ones newbies should not use. But why do it for the 5.1.x snapshots?

I’d prefer new users (neophytes) stick to the stable release. Period. Because life hasn’t let me do much new lately I have one version on my computer and will often double check something before posting. Any difference between versions can lead to confusion. Unless a new user needs something in that release, why have them use it? My thoughts anyhow.

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I was using 5.1.5 till I get a problem - I couldn’t get SVG pictures of bottom layers (with top layers I had no problems). I tried Plot-SVG and Export-SVG.
I have just installed pre 5.1.6. My problems disappeared.
Which version is more stable 5.1.5 or pre 5.1.6 :slight_smile:

If I would be totally new to KiCad and didn’t know of pre 5.1.6 to solve my problem (important - you have PCB and can’t make documentation the way you planned) I would probably (going from Download page) be trying to install 5.99.

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Pre-5.1.6 is of much better quality then 5.1.5 release (lots of annoying bugs).
All of these that got into my way seem to be polished in the Pre-5.1.6.

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The issue I see then is that we are actively advertising the 5.99 nightly releases on that download page - which are actually more problematic for new users because they are inherently less stable (as the new features get added and fine-tuned) and also projects made with them aren’t openable with the 5.1 stable releases. I think it would be better if we push those lower on the page (or somewhere else) and focus on the 5.1 nightly series instead (which we do sometimes direct people to download and test in bug reports, to see if a prior fix we made also fixed their issue).


I don’t disagree but what you are saying is you think the download page could use some work. I guess this is like preferring Ubuntu to Debian because it updates faster at the risk of introducing its own bugs. My initial point was that making a pre-release version too visible can be a source of confusion for a first time user when it comes to which version to download. For the most part that will be stable. Fixes have been know to break other functionality. That’s why it still has the ‘pre’ label. We are back to making sure the download page is clear.

It sounds like 5.1.6 should be released soon though from some of the comments here.

It is exactly as I think.
It should be clear for beginner what is what and the more save to use version should be found before the less save. You should not assume all users trying to use KiCad for the first time know how the KiCad development process looks like (not all PCB designers are also programmers).

I have cleaned it up (along with some of the other download pages) in here: I am separating the builds into two categories:

  • testing builds are the 5.1 series builds that include the bugfixes since tha last stable release
  • nightly development builds are the 5.99 builds of the master branch

I have added the warnings where appropriate to tell users about stability and incompatibilities.


The main download page has a link to dev nightlies but not testing nightly.

I agree with the comment that testing builds should be promoted more than dev.

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I second this.
Testing nighlies and dev nightlies as to different worlds.
“Testing nightlies” = new FIXES, potentially unverified and may introduce regressions, usually promptly repaired. With usual caution may be used by general audience.

“Development nightlies” = new FEATURES, compatibility with release uncertain/limited/broken (file format changes). For devs and early adopters, but rather not general audience.

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For MS Windows the page is now clear, with dire warnings about the 5.99 Master branch
2020-04-10 14_58_29-Windows _ KiCad EDA


Great, clear and informative.

And now “The way from Download page to pre 5.1.6” is clear.
Next time I will have no reason to ask that question :slight_smile: