The shape of symbols

I’m trying to make a symbol, from a schematic where the shape of the symbol is the same shape as the chip, (The symbol is the same shape as the footprint) and it will end up with a PCB with the footprint in the correct shape, so why is the Kicad and others symbol where the pins are all over the place. Surely it’s much easier to check connections this way.


The symbol is supposed to be an abstraction or functional view of the component and, for the purposes of clarity there are certain standard conventions. Generally the positive supply is drawn at the top of the device and the negative at the bottom. Signals flow from left (in) to right (out).

When you draw the schematic, you can then arrange your components to minimise cross overs and show a logical flow. You can easily add a variety of test points and annotate these on the schematic.

The actual chip may have these pins all over the place and different packages of the same chip may have different pin outs just to add to the confusion. If you design your symbol to look like the actual chip you are using, you are likely to end up with a horrible rats nest of lines on your schematic.

How to draw a good schematic


Hi J,
I was thinking about it and can see what you mean.
Cheers, C.

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