The many reply buttons of the forum

I think you meant to reply all rather than reply to me. :wink:

Note by mod: this is split from another topic and can stand on its own as it is a good explanation about the differences between replying to a post and the topic in general.


I am not sure of the difference, so long as everyone can read it? I see only one “reply” button and I did not send you a private message. BTW Wikipedia has a big page regarding .png images. They have one good example showing the artifacts produced by .jpg compression to a small file size. Many pages comparing the formats show photos, but I am not arguing about those. I think that schematic diagrams and pcb images would work much better with .png format.

The backward pointing arrow is reply to poster and the button at the bottom is reply to thread.


Sorry I guess I am having a bad and/or stupid day. I see only the button at the bottom, which looks the same as all of the other reply buttons. I don’t see that which one makes any difference.

Don’t worry about it. I think the forum software sometimes gets confused.

I think you may have explained one thing though… Sometimes I receive an e-mailed response and sometimes I do not. I guess that (depending upon which specific post I reply to) that person would normally receive an e-mail??? But when I look at the discussion I do not see who has been specifically answered unless they are quoted.

OK…so I do not think of myself as being so web savvy. But I think I usually have a better grasp of these things than my neighbor who used to be a programmer for IBM. So this is only another indication that knowledge or expertise can be very narrow…

It also depends on your notification setting for the thread (the button with the bell on it). If normal, then you get email notification only when you are mentioned, e.g. @BobZ, or the reply is to you.


Thank you, @eelik for showing us that white-on-blue is Reply to thread, and that black-on-white is reply to one individual poster.
@kenyapcomau, I finally found the button with the bell on it, way below the last post of this thread. It has the word Tracking on it. Thank you for pointing out this feature/setting. I had completely forgotten about it.

You can also adjust your default notification settings, go to Avatar > Bell > Preferences and this is the start of the Notifications preferences.

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