Footprints of new components and schematics

I have been trying to find the schematic and footprint of xbee S2C modules. These libraries are not available in my Kicad .

Also can someone mention how to obtain pdf and jpegs files of any schematic which i build.

Use File->Plot and choose the PDF format. Jpeg isn’t there but you can make it for example by taking a screenshot unless you find a program which converts pdf, svg etc. into jpeg.

Lots of those, on Linux there’s pdftoppm which can start a filter chain ending with jpeg. Non-batch gimp can also convert formats.

BTW; For line drawings with a limited number of colors, .png images are much better than .jpg images. jpg format is intended for photos with a large number of colors. Most .jpg formats are lossy and introduce visual noise unless you go to a much larger file size.

The attached zip file contains three versions of the same starting image: One .png file and two different .jpg files. The .png is the smallest file and is much more clear than the smaller .jpg file.

3 images in Picture Format (50.5 KB)

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