The importance of 'likes' in the Discourse software world

I don’t make the rules. I don’t even know if they can be edited. That’s above my level. At first I found this annoying but over time have come to realize it does help promote civility to some extent. Regardless these are the software imposed rules.


So 6 strikes… Where is this visible?

It’s visible to moderators only, I think. I can’t say for sure because I can see it. :slight_smile:

The rules are a bit annoying, they are mostly too strict for our purposes. Many trustworthy members don’t give many likes or post only every now and then, and can’t for example edit wiki posts.


Ah, secret court… Would you mind posting my stats here? Just wondering whether it’s worth the effort to log in since I’m reading more than half without logging in first…

To maintain Trust Level 3, you have to consciously keep posting far more than just moderating or you won’t receive enough likes.
The settings do seem very demanding and encourage “show off” posting

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We have very good members that only show on rare occasions so these rules may not be the best for this particular forum.

It seems Trust Level 4 is by manual promotion only. Had I known this earlier I would have locked the users trust level I changed this morning to 3. Maybe it’s something the mods should keep in mind as we go forward.

Let’s not all do this at once but… :wink: If you find you can’t do something like edit a WIKI post, let a moderator know. They can bump you up but locking will be dependent on that particular mod’s mood at the moment.

Most of the stats seem to be over the last 100 days, which is far too short a window. Simply going on holiday can knock you right down. In my opinion, the settings are tuned for something ephemeral like a boy band fan site.


You have ticks in every category at TL3

But our forum is full of fan boys, doesn’t that count? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you mean that people are never promoted automatically to level 4, so they can be locked to 3 safely to keep them at least that high?

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It looks like it, I seem to have the option to set someone at TL4 Leader, but won’t try
I am not sure anyone is a TL4.
Even @ChrisGammell is only at TL2

Does being TL2 vs TL3 make any difference? A few moderators are TL2

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Only one active Level 4.
He is probably very lonely, just machines to chat with all day. :frowning_face:

Yes, TL3 gives access to Wikis.

I would guess more informative would be whether and where positive compliance outweighs negative compliance (like, there are already too many flags for to have any motivational effect).

The negatives are far more important. I really don’t worry if someone disappears for a few months with outside commitments. People who mess threads or start insulting other members are the problem on a forum like this


I feel it’s a pretty helpful and laid-back community. :+1: A good portent is the number of new users trying out KiCad.

It takes effort to keep it that way, a lot of spammers try to post and there are rude or abusive posts from time to time. There are moderators in many time zones to wipe these quickly


Yeah. He tried to look up who promoted him and when but couldn’t easily find the information. ‘His’ guess is probably @Joan_Sparky did it around the time he got drafted into service. :wink:

In fact, the original post shows how deeply I don’t dig into the software end. Just not much need fortunately. That diagram isn’t exactly hidden but I’d never bothered clicking on that particular item.

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Sensible to lock moderators at TL3 then, most are at TL2 for insufficient activity in the last 100 days

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Perhaps too frightened of the wrath incurred to confess to giving the promotion? :upside_down_face:

I’d have expected moderators have access to everything, whatever their trust level.

I did find it finally. @Joan_Sparky promoted me about a year before he shanghaied me into moderation. Just remember the year, didn’t look too close at the month. It looks like level 4 can do everything but access the moderation panel. Split threads, edit posts, etc.

Moderators are still one step below admins who can do the real damage.

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I think that most mods were not even aware about this Trust Level feature
We are used to having to rush promote new users to be able to post files

It seems that there are two or even three (if you count mod/admin) parallel rank systems here. I am not sure why unless its just for the Wiki feature

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