The Hitchhiker's Guide to PCB Design

Hi guys,

Found it yesterday. I’m halfway through. Some (or lots - depending on your experience) useful information from a wider perspective (mechanical design, design for production, etc).

I would recommend especially to beginners (they even mentioned not to use default ECAD settings and to make own footprints :slight_smile: ).

You can read online or download as a PDF. If you don’t like story telling you can start from chapter 4.



Nice marketing brochure with a “hip” title from the OrCAD folks. I would NOT recommend it for beginners.

Hmmm, no mention of a towel!

Towel mention is on page 13

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There’s also 42 reference…

I noticed.

Instead of all the people going to all the trouble of writing instructions and answering questions about Kicad, we could simply have one link to the number 42!!! :smiley:

KiCad already has a button for that.



Ha ha!
I should have remembered this. It has been there since 6 started and I also remember smiling when I first noticed.

Has any developer ever owned up to this inclusion?

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I think I made a request for it, together with some other suggestions for that Icon, but I’m not sure anymore, and can’t find an exact reference.
I have been able to pin the change down to a period of two days:

On 2020-12-08 the Icon looked like image Reference: New icons in nightly

On 2020-12-10 I noticed it changed to 42.

And the long icon issue on gitlab:

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